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News Stories about Mel Gibson up 45%

Thursday, August 03, 2006

(SNN Akron) Many have noticed a preponderance of stories about Mel Gibson and his drunken anti-Semitism. But some people have said that the news media has gone too far in its mocking of Mel Gibson.

In this picture, Gibson is...
Taking a dump?

Gibson has a history of alcohol problems. The Gibson martini, invented by Walter D. K. Gibson in 1898, is named after him. He has played an alcoholic in many films. Due to a drunken driving incident in Toronto, Gibson lost his Canada privileges for three months, which put an end to his sex tourism vacation. Despite his history, it is still hard to criticize someone who survived in a post apocalyptic future.

Many theories have been advanced as to why Gibson is getting so much press. Some say it is because of bloodthirsty Americans wishing harm on a successful person. Others say it is the media showing it liberal bias. The most popular theory amongst Gibson supporters is that it is because the media is entirely controlled by Jews.

Some news agencies have actually started 24 hour news stations just so that can talk about Mel Gibson. Even Google is against Mel Gibson. A Google search for "Mel Gibson crazy" returns 3,150,000 results. Pundit Arianna Huffington has written about Mel Gibson 157 times in the past four days.

And if that is not enough proof, the very article you are reading is about Mel Gibson.

I am always glad to see bigotry exposed. And he is a bigot. And an asshole.
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