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Cheney sent to break up Congressional Deadlock

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

(SNN Washington) President Bush has dispatched the vice president and top aides to the Capitol to break up a deadlock with Republicans over surveillance programs.

Cheney and Josh Bolten appealed to Senate Republicans during lunch to pass legislation that would let Bush begin prosecuting terror suspects. The legislation would also limit the ability to prosecute a government interrogator of mistreating a suspect.

Several versions of that legislation are expected to advance through the Senate and House Judiciary Committees this week. They would give legal status to the controversial surveillance program, as well as impose new rules and congressional oversight.The administration is also pressing separate legislation that would let it track terrorists by electronic surveillance.

One of the most contentious issues is the question of torture. However, the Vice President is fully capable of torturing any members of congress needed to pass the legislation. While under the War Crimes Act of 1996, Cheney will not be able to use torture, murder or rape, he will be able to use "alternative techniques", such as torture, murder or rape.

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