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Pat Carr praises Pat Carr

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

(SNN Rochester) A web site poster calling himself 127179 has often praised City Council member and Mayoral Candidate for the City of Rochester, Minn. This is not surprising considering that 127179 is City Council member and Mayoral Candidate Pat Carr.

KARR - Knight Automated Roving Robot

In all honesty, Carr can claim that his intentions are honorable and the praise he gives himself is not faint. Carr honestly believes that he deserves praise. "I stand by what I said," says Carr.

The actual truth is that Pat Carr is two people. Twins separated at birth, Carr's twin brother was in a car accident and assumed dead. He then went on a quest, walking the Earth and standing up for the silent majority. It was on one of these missions that Carr and Carr's brother met. They decided the pool their resources, and thus emerged Pat Carr Too. Two men with one mission: to run down special interest groups and expose insiders.

Pat Carr once said about Pat Carr, "Pat Carr has done nothing but stand up for the silent majority." Additionally, Pat Carr has written, "People that run [Pat Carr] down are special interest groups and insiders that Carr exposes."

It must be admitted that Carr knows a thing or two about a majority because there are two of him. However, he may need to learn a thing or two about silence.

Well, I say I am the fucking greatest meat burger around that if you said "greatest fucking meat burger around" you'd think of me.

So go fuck it fucker!
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