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Immigration Arrests 15 Aliens in Roswell

Friday, September 01, 2006

(SNN Roswell) Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents today arrested 15 illegal aliens working for a company that paints military aircraft.

The aliens were arrested after they were determined to be illegally residing and working in the United States. The aliens came to the United States from Mexico, El Salvador and Guatemala. Some of them were arrested while painting.

Before they can be returned to their spaceships in Mexico, El Salvador and Guatemala, the aliens must be processed. They will be given a thorough interview and background check to determine if they are fugitives from the law. In 2005, Zorack the Invincible, who has been implicated in the plot to vaporize the Pentagon, was arrested while working as a dishwasher in a Mexican Restaurant in Tulsa.

But with the need to get new supplies quickly to our troops, maybe we should be employing aliens. Due to their vastly superior technology, it is widely recognized that aliens can do more work in a day for less money.

Articles like this are proof why we should get that fence built ASAP. Hell, if the beaners got such good technology, then let them build the fence. They can marvel at it in wonder when they stare at it from their proper side of the border.

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