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Pope may be only Partially Infallible

Monday, September 18, 2006

(SNN Rome) Last week, Pope Benedict XVI made some comments which were taken badly by some Muslims. He has apologized for the remark, but some people think his apology was not enough.

The Pope quoted from a Byzantine text on Islam which claimed that Islam was a false creed propagated through violence and promiscuity. He concluded his papal speech with, “And if you don't believe that, you can suck my big German wiener.”

While Muslim responses to the speech have varied, they are sure on two issues. They need to show the world that they are non-violent people, and they are going to chop the pope into little pieces and sell him to Americans as Mongolian Barbecue.

While the pope gave an apology today, many Muslims claimed that his remarks were not enough. The Pope did not so much apologize for the comments as say he was sorry that they were received badly.

This incident calls into question the Pope's accountability. However, what most people don't realize that Papal Infallibility is rather like “Simon Says.” Unless a pope states that what he is about to say is the absolute truth of the Universe, he can't be held to it. In fact, infallibility has not been used since 1950, when Pius XII used his infallibility to settle a bar bet.

In other news, President Bush believes that the Pope is sincere in his hope that non of his comments have incited violence. National Security Council officer Dennis Wilder said, “The President noted that the Pope had made some apologies for his remarks and the President believes that the Pope was sincere in those remarks and that's where the discussion was left. Furthermore, the President hopes that if he ever makes a mistake, he can act just as gracefully.”

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