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Kansas Welcomes Evolution to Curriculum

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

(SNN Topeka) The Kansas Board of Education yesterday reversed science standards that were widely seen as a promotion of Intelligent Design over the teaching of evolution. The vote was 6-4 in favor of adopting new standards that scientists say will strengthen the teaching of evolution.

Kansas has long been a battleground between scientists and people who are not scientists about how science should be taught. Critics say that the new guidelines prevent the teaching of miracles and shamanism in the science classroom.

However, not everyone thinks that “scientists” should get the final word on what is “science”. John Calvert of the Intelligent Design Network in Shawnee Mission, Kansas, who helped write the standards that were thrown out said, "What they've done is systematically delete any information that might be critical of evolution. This goes against the very mission of public education." Calvert then went back to working on his new improved immortality rings.

Now that the science curriculum in Kansas has been updated, teachers can now look forward to teaching other modern ideas, such as the application of leeches to remove foul humors from the sick and the discussion of the theory that it would be possible to go around the world in 80 days.

ha ha! very good.

Don't knock leeches. I know someone who just had maggot therapy, for real.
I don't understand why Christians think our design was intelligent. That there was an intelligent God that designed us.

Intelligent design, to me anyway, is our scientists and doctors improving our design, or what we evolved from.

Miracle that it was. Hell, we are not even close to being intelligent yet, we are just smarter than we were 500 years ago is all.

Well, in some ways, but in other ways it seems to be going backwards.
Does this mean they are going to replace alchemy with chemistry and astronomy with astrology??
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