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Editor’s Note: Save the children from high prices

Sunday, August 12, 2007

On Friday’s “Hardball,” CNBC’s Erin Burnett spoke on the advantages of giving lead paint to kids.

“If China were to revalue it’s currency or China is to start making say, toys that don’t have lead in them or food that isn’t poisonous, their costs of production are going to go up and that means prices at Wal-Mart here in the United States are going to go up too. So, I would say China is our greatest friend right now, they’re keeping prices low and they’re keeping the prices for mortgages low, too.”

I feel that Erin is a kindred spirit. As a child, all my toys had lead paint, and I sucked all the paint off every one of those suckers, and as everyone knows, if there’s one thing I enjoy, it is low prices at the expense of others. Let’s not forget, the deluge of crappy and deadly products from China don’t just help the moderately rich. It also helps the Walton family.

For some reason, this reminds me of the time my grandmother died from poison toothpaste. Good times. Good times.

Dr. Ryan Maynard, Editor, Newsblog 5000

Yeah, good times, it makes me wonder how in the hell I got to 64.
File that under the "Not from the Onion" section
l>t here,

You are just as funny as ever newsblog!

I didn't have painted toys when I was a kid. I had to play with sticks & bugs.

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You won't hardly recognize me.
I can think of some advantages of giving Erin Burnett poisonous Chinese products.
That's no Bullshit, you see it. That's the reason that prices are so low.
We as Americans are getting too sensitive. I mean really, look at the stuff we did back in the day and was no big deal. Now when I go to the grocery store people are using wipes to clean the germs off their carts. How did we ever function before???
Heck, I'm surprised I am still alive with all these terrible things out there! I wouldn't be shocked if there with political motives behind all these headlines we read about China. Crazier things have happened before.

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Finally, someone else has stepped up to the plate and said what the entire country is thinking. Its quite refreshing.
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