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Many want Occupation to End

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

(SNN Crawford) Being occupied by an invading force is not any easy thing to handle, even it the intentions of the occupiers is for the best. Tensions are now running high in a little town that has doubled in size in a short time.

The occupiers have turned family against family

The occupation is hard on the simple, uneducated citizens of Crawford, keeping many people up late as they beat their bongos and shake their tambourines – sometimes as late as 10:30 at night. Some people have complained about the traffic. It now takes almost twice as long to move a cattle pen across Crawford.

The occupiers have turned family against family. One Crawford resident, Melissa Harrison, let a group hold a news conference on her land, only to be called Hanoi Jane, by her father. Although it must be admitted that turning family against family is easier in communities where most people are related.

But as in many of these situations, the occupying force does not understand the stress and tension put on everyday life. "We are trying to be really good neighbors," Sheehan said. "We have cooperated with everybody. The neighbors here don't have any issues with our right to be here. They just have an issue with our physical presence." Tensions are not likely to abate for quite some time. Much like the American occupation of Japan, many of the Crawford citizens still see President Bush as God.

"...many of the Crawford citizens still see President Bush as God."

no wonder P.Bush carries a hand mirror all the time.
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