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White House Counsel Chooses Herself

Monday, October 03, 2005

(SNN Washington) White House counsel Harriet Miers has never been a judge. Now she is in line to be the next member of the Supreme Court.

Miers had a key part in choosing herself.

Some say that the White House chose Miers because, who has no judicial record, because it would be impossible to pin down any bias on key issues. But this is only part of the reason why Miers was chosen. Miers had a key part in choosing herself.

The President gave Miers a long list of name of people he would nominate, and Miers removed all the dead people "Rick James, Bitch" and all the not-real people "Scooby Doo: He knows how to get to the bottom of a mystery." When she got done with the list, she then considered any names that she recognized.

But just how many names could Miers have recognized? The National Review's David Frum said that Miers had called the President the most brilliant man she had ever met. This suggests that the only person that Miers has ever met is President Bush.

the only person that Miers has ever met is President Bush.

Bush first met Miers in the 1980, when she served as his personal attorney. Given this experience, she is probably up to date on many aspects of statutes of limitation in many states, drunken driving laws, drug laws, and corporate bankruptcies. In 1996, President Bush called Miers "a pit bull in size 6 shoes", mostly because she had just bitten him on the ass.

Miers choice also brings up the question of nepotism. You may have noticed that Harriet Miers and her candidate, Harriet Miers, share the same last name, and thought that they are very closely related. This is true; they even share the same parents.

Their assholery continues to reach new depths. I am beginning to question whether asshole is an accurate enough word to describe them. I am wondering about something more reflective of the inside of an asshole. Like hemorrhoid suckers, perhaps. Or tapeworms.
lawyers get into briefs, one can assume she got into at least one pair other than her own!!!
Wow, I wonder how he kept her from meeting anyone else?

My pitbulls would never bite me on the ass
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