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Japan to have Military again

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

(SNN Tokyo) For the first time after the United States stripped the country of the right to have an armed forces, Japan will once again have a military. This marks the first revision of Japan’s Post WWII constitution.

Some believe the revision will mean very little.

Some believe the revision will mean very little. Japan has already skirted the constitution by building “Self-Defense Forces”. But the revised constitution may raise tensions with neighbors.

Former Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori, who led the constitutional revisions, says that the constitution needs to be changed because it was written under the influence of American occupiers. "We cannot possibly say the constitution was created by the Japanese people's own hands," Mori says. "Finally now the time has come for us to compile our own constitution."

"Finally now the time has come for us to compile our own constitution."

The new revision of the constitution maintains Japan’s official pacifism. However there is still a little bit of wiggle room that would allow Japan to attempt to conquer the entire world.

Some say that the change in the constitution has something to do with a strange order that has been sent to an Osaka robotics factory. The anonymous agency has ordered over 2500 battle ready M9 Gernsback Arm Slaves. The Gernsback AS is not only a highly maneuverable bipedal weapons platform, but also nearly invisible to radar. Also ordered was one human sized battle android dressed in a maid uniform. The order is thought to have been placed by Japanese Prime Minister Junchiro Koizumi, who was injured late last week while trying to have sex with a Segway Human Transporter.

I wonder how many people know who Gernsback is and why it is fitting to have a mecha named after him?
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