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Supreme Court Views Stripper

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

(SNN Washington) Today the Supreme Court heard the case of an ex-stripper, Anna Nicole Smith, who married a 90 year old man with billions of dollars. The case centers around $1.6 billion that the billionaire, Howard Marshall, amassed during the 14 months that he was married.

One of Marshall's nurses testified that Smith, at the time a 26 year old topless dancer, showed her breasts to Marshall to get a larger inheritance. Marshall had previously showered her with homes, jewelry and clothes. She contends that he promised her half of his estate.

On her way to the Supreme Court, Smith was originally awarded $474 million by a federal judge. A federal district judge later reduced the amount. And finally a federal appeals court reduced her inheritance to a double wide trailer and a bottle of Mad Dog 20/20.

During the proceedings, Antonin Scalia had to briefly be forcibly restrained when he attempted to sodomize Smith. Smith then told Scalia that he could do whatever he wanted to his long as she got her $474 million. In addition, David Souter said he would "so hit that white trash whore."

If there were a trailer trash Hall of Fame, surely Anna Nicole Smith would be at the top of the pantheon, alongside Banjo Boy from Deliverance...

- Badtux the Trailer Trash Penguin
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