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Iowa Prepares for Abortion Tourist Boom

Thursday, February 23, 2006

(SNN Pierre) The South Dakota Senate today approved a bill that would outlaw nearly all abortions in the state, a measure that could become the bread-and-butter industry of the modern Iowa.

The abortions performed in South Dakota are fulfilled by one clinic in Sioux Falls.

Currently, the vast majority of the abortions performed in South Dakota each year are fulfilled by one clinic in Sioux Falls. This legislation is obviously going to shut down that clinic. This shows that once again Republicans are against small business.

If the new law is passed, this positions Iowa (just a 15 minute drive away) perfectly to take over the abortion trade. There have already been rumors of drive-through abortion clinic companies looking for good locations. The population of 770,000 aborts around 800 fetuses a year, telling those in search of loose women to look elsewhere.

Conservative lawmakers are obviously convinced that most people just have abortions for the fun of it and do not really give it much forethought. If they can put a minor obstacle in the way if someone wanting an abortion, that person will probably just give up. However investors say it is not outside the realm of imagination to think that people would take the extra 15 minute drive over the Iowa border if they really, really wanted an abortion.

Most people just have abortions for the fun of it and do not really give it much forethought.

The legislation, which states that "life begins at the time of conception," would prohibit abortion except in cases where the pregnant woman's life was at risk. Felony charges could be placed against doctors, but not against those seeking abortions, the measure says.

This legislation goes much further than similar bills which would allow for abortion in the case of a brain damaged or brain dead fetus. This move is obviously an attempt to protect future generations of South Dakota lawmakers.

The bill is expected to be signed by Governor Rounds, a Republican. And Governor Michael Rounds can stand on the moral high ground, he has never had an abortion. In addition to signing the bill, the governor is expected to approve a new state slogan "South Dakota, we make Iowa look modern and progressive."

Who would have thought; Republicans against women’s/minority rights and the constitution.

Don't they realize if they agree with these interferences they also have to agree to child safety locks and waiting periods for fire arms?
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