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Bush wants look at Taepodong

Monday, June 26, 2006

(SNN Washington) President George Bush said today that North Korea should tell the world what it has at the tip of its missile.

The president succinctly explained why he thought the international community would want to know. "So we don't know, we don't know, that's part of the problem."

Originally, in 1993, North Korea attempted to cause trouble with the Nodong missile. However, the Nodong did not shoot far enough to impress the world. Then Jung Il created the Taepodong One, capable of penetrating anywhere within the Pacific Rim. Finally, Kim Jung Il has the Taepodong that will command respect.

The Taepodong has been noticed by Senator Dick Luger, who wants the Administration to talk to North Korea about its Taepodong. However, White House Press Secretary Tony Snow has said that King Jung Il has been "very naughty" and that the leader "definitely deserves a spanking," unless of course Kim tells the world what he intends to do with his new Taepodong.

This report comes just as it has been announced that Korea may be able to deliver at least 13 nuclear capable Taeopodongs. The Taepodongs could easily hit Alaska and Hawaii and could reach as far as California, leaving the areas essentially fucked.

Very interesting, all the sexual allusions. Men have this thing about their penis's, they like to build things that look like it -- rockets, bombs, airplanes, buildings. The bottom line is if a man creates it, there will be a penis in there someplace.
Being a man, I'd rather create things that look like the female body. I prefer breast-like creations and I am always found of the occassional vaginal gesture.
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