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Democrat Attacks Rove's Working Conditions

Monday, June 19, 2006

(SNN Washington) John Murtha, Vietnam Veteran and Representative from Pennsylvania, made comments disparaging Karl Rove for having a safe, comfortable working environment. Murtha made his comments on NBC's "Meat the Press".

Murtha was responding to a speech made by Rove, who said Democrats were following "that party's old pattern of cutting and running."

When Mr. Murtha was asked to comment on Mr. Rove's remarks, he said: "He's making a political speech. He's sitting in his air-conditioned office on his big, fat backside saying, 'Stay the course.' That's not a plan."

But this is where Representative Murtha is wrong. Karl Rove never spends too much time sitting on his backside. As soon as he gets the chance he dons his baby bonnet and a diaper with a picture of Ronald Reagan printed on the front. He then crawls into his giant crib, where his crack addicted nanny sees to his every need. On many happy afternoons in the Rove household, you can hear Karl screaming, "Rock faster! Rock faster! Bring me a bottle, bitch."

On Fox News, White House Press Secretary Tony Snow also pressed the administrations case against a deadline. "You've got to keep in mind the situation in Iraq is critical in a lot of ways," he said. "It is one of many places in the larger war on terror. If we succeed in Iraq and we establish a democratic benchmark, that has a ripple effect not only through the region, but throughout the world."

I'm coming to join you honey, with a glass of Ripple in my hand!

Some might say that the "Ripple Effect" theory seems much like the often used reasoning of the Domino Effect. However, the Ripple Effect is different in two important ways. First, Ripple Effect sounds vaguely more scientific. Secondly, Ripple Effect might even be something you would apply to ice cream, the "Fudge Ripple Effect". Hopefully, the theory can be applied to other countries were the US has problems. If only we could figure out how to install a modern, free society near North Korea, say maybe a little to the south.

"Meat the Press" is a news program specializing in interviewing national leaders on issues of state. Then, with the help of host Tim Russert, these officials grill hot dogs, hamburgers, steaks, bratwurst, whatever strikes their fancy. Once, in 2003, Senate maverick John McCain, grilled a frozen pizza.

Don't Drink the Ripple!

I've been drinking Three Olives vodka for a while.

Three Olives, a product of America's junior partner England, did not pay me for saying that, the cheapskates.
But Ripple is a versatile drink.

From Wikipedia:

Fred's favorite drink was cheap Ripple wine. He would often combine it with other drinks. Example: Cream + Ripple = Cripple, or ginger ale + ripple = "champipple" (although the mixer wasn't really champagne). He called sangria "flapple" because he claimed it tased like flat ripple.
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