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Japanese Troops to be Withdrawn

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Prime Minister Koizumi attempts to make love to his Segway.

(SNN Tokyo) Yesterday, Japan became the latest member of the coalition of the willing to announce withdrawal.

Prime Minister, Junichiro Koizumi, said Japanese troops would end their humanitarian mission in Samawa, which is presumably somewhere in Iraq. We didn't really look it up on a map. They could be in Michigan for all we know. Of course, according to Representative Steve King, that would be more dangerous.

Many have called Koizumi ungrateful for having his troops withdraw. They point out that President Bush was not only nice enough to visit his Podunk country, but Bush even gave him a sex machine.

The procedure for withdrawal will be simple. As soon as there are enough troops in the region to replace the Japanese soldiers, they will return to Japan. They will then read manga, watch anime and paint models of magical girls -- typical behavior for the most withdrawn of Japanese people. In addition, Colonel Masahisa Sato has said that he will finally have time to finish the Sailor Moon costume he has been working on.

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