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Grassley Taxes Sex Workers

Friday, June 30, 2006

(SNN Washington) Senator Charles Grassley of Iowa has proposed that pimps be charged large fines and long prison sentences for failing to fill out W-2s on their hoes.

Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley

The proposal would give a $25,000 fine plus a 10 year prison sentence and additional $50,000 fine per ho. "The thugs who run these trafficking rings are exploiting society's poorest girls and women for personal gain," Grassley said. "The IRS goes after drug traffickers. It can go after sex traffickers."

Grassley envisions and office within the IRS to deal with these issues. The office would need $2 million to get started, but once running, it would be able to keep a portion of the taxes it collects for operating expenses. It is estimated that the office will be self sustaining once its officers can cover a radius of five blocks from Congress.

But was Grassley does not know is that most sex workers get into that field though working as accountants. Many hoes are independent consultants who contract with the pimp, so the pimp does not legally have to file W-2s on his hoes. Hooking itself is simply reported under Tips and Misc wages, like any other spot job.

Many sex working accountants are hoping Grassley's new legislation will clear up gray areas in the tax code dealing with farm income for those who run a small business, like a brothel, on a farm. The issue becomes more clouded if the hoes are wearing animal costumes or have working names like Bunny or Bambi and are accidentally counted as livestock.

This isn't even a joke.
No, Toad 734, it's not a joke. I was listening to Grassley on NPR two afternoons ago, during which he defended:
1) The need to get rid of the inheritance tax so that family owned companies like Anderson-Ericson Dairy Products (and, presumably, Ford Motor Company) would not be forced to sell the company to pay the tax bite when the owner died, and thus cost community jobs. He also commented that the very wealthy, like Gates and Buffet could set up corporations to protect themselves, so we really don't have to worry about those people . . . (He's a nutcake, liar, Republican asshole.) (Grassley, that is.)
2) The idea that we shouldn't monitor hog lots for pollutants because that wasn't what the legislative bodies who originally addressed that issue was concerned about. In other words (his other words), we should not be picking on the family farmers of IOWA! Those farms were there before the laws were there (yes, he said this) and they should be exempt.
A couple of weeks ago he was identified in the Cedar Rapids Gazette (Iowa) as about the sixth most powerful senator in the government. Hmmm. Well, he did get all that money to build a rain forest in Iowa, a few years ago. That's something good for the community (or someone . . . ), I guess. Of course, no community has decided to date to accept the offer -- it's been turned down by at least three places now. He and all the others of his ilk are assholes. Assholes assholes assholes.
"This isn't even a joke."

You're more right than you realize.
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