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Lieberman reasonably sure he's not Bush

Saturday, July 08, 2006

(SNN West Hartford) Sen. Joe Lieberman sought to distance himself from the Bush Administration. The Democratic Senator said in a televised debate on Thursday, "I'm not George Bush."

"I know George Bush. I've worked against George Bush. I've even run against George Bush. But Ned, I'm not George Bush," Lieberman said during the debate. "So why don't you stop running against him and have the courage and honesty to run against me and the facts of my record." Lieberman later added, "Ok, I'm reasonably sure that I am not George Bush. Or at least somewhat sure. Maybe."

Ironically, according to Lieberman's record, he might be George Bush. However, the two have known to cuddle on occasion. While it is possible to have sex with yourself, spooning afterwards is more difficult.

It is much more likely that Lieberman and Bush are just two men who think the same way, act the same way, wear the same clothes, bed the same women, and share similar birthmarks. However, this has caused quite a bit of confusion for the Secret Service.

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