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Turning the Corner in the War on Drugs

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

(SNN New York) Decades after President George H. W. Bush held up a bag of his son’s cocaine and declared a war on drugs, a corner has been turned. The United States will soon have 16 major leaders of drug gangs in prison.

The War on Drugs has seemingly floundered during recent years. Drug use and drug related crime is at all time high levels. Innocent people have been killed by overzealous law enforcement officers. In addition some people say that the $40 billion it costs a year is not worth the results.

It would only seem natural that the United States would turn to the strategy it uses to complete all large projects, outsourcing to Mexico. And Mexico has delivered. President Vincente Fox said that Mexico would extradite any drug lord in its custody wanted by the United States.

It should be noted that nothing was mentioned about the recent elections or the role that the United States could take in keeping Vincente Fox’s party in power.

Just in case you don't recall, it was Saint Richard Nixon (holy!) who declared the War on Drugs in 1973. Maybe thinking it was going to keep him from being impeached, or distract people from the fact that he'd lost the War on Pesky Brown Fellers in Veet-damn, or sumpin' like dat...

Anyhow, given that George H.W. Bush was CIA director somewhere around that time, it could very well be that he had provided Tricky Dick with a sample of Sonny's coke (and I ain't talkin' cola), but he certainly wasn't talking in front of cameras. CIA directors don't do that kinda shit. They just manipulate voting machines to make sure their son gets elected President. Still can't figure out how he lost to that wanker Clinton in 1992, he musta forgot to ask his old pals at the CIA to do their magic...

-Badtux the Helpful History Penguin
In doing our research we did discover the original Nixon declaration. However, I decided to leave it out to make the story tighter.

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