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The Cost of Movie Piracy

Monday, October 09, 2006

(SNN Toluca Lake) A recent study by the Institute for Policy Innovation (IPI) reveals that Movie Piracy has a direct impact on the US economy on a larger scale.

The research is based on the outcome of the MPAA funded study that revealed that the movie piracy industry has lost $1.3 billion in the US.

As Hollywood produces movies of poorer and poorer quality, the sales of faster CPUs, DVD writers and blank DVDs is effected. And this hurts the economy as a whole.

A copy of a modern, full-quality Hollywood movie requires a $1.50 double layer DVD. In addition, you have the cost of bandwidth and electricity. This is way too large a monetary commitment for most modern movies.

In addition, celebrities may be to blame. If you just saw Tom Cruise make an ass of himself, would you use the $2 worth of bandwidth and blank media to burn a copy of “Days of Thunder”?

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