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China still hates Japan after all these years

Thursday, September 28, 2006

(SNN Changchun) Chinese Internet surfers have denounced a video game designed by a Japanese company. In addition, they have demanded an apology for the game content.

The first incidents of Tentacle rape in Japan were reported 180 years ago.

The game, “Slaves of the Red Mansion”, has been described as “a lewd game that besmirches a treasure of Chinese literature” and “a desecration of Chinese culture.”

The game is based on “Dream of the Red Mansion” by Qing dyanasty author Cao Xueqin. It chronicles the decline of a noble family. Many regard it was the zenith of Chinese fiction or at least the Panasonic.

The Japanese game, like most Japanese games, features scantily clad girls bound by chains. In the game, the main character is sold as a sex slave to the Red Mansion. This has angered many Chinese people who consider the beloved literary character slandered.

Being that it is a Japanese game, it is amazing that the story's character is not forced to have sex with robots or demons. In the discerning and competitive Japanese market, a game that does not have at least one tentacle monster rape, it is unlikely to sell.

I think the chinese will always hate the Japanese. It's the politically correct thing to do, like democrats hating republicans.

I've always found the tentacle rape thing erotic, as apparently millions of others have.
There's those huge war atrocities too, but friction is common among neighbors.
so true. it's not always easy to understand what the relationship is, though.
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