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Ballmer: Windows Vista Kinda Sucks

Monday, February 19, 2007

(SNN Redmond) Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer today said that observers were “too Bullish” about the importance of Windows Vista to Microsoft’s Earnings. He called financial estimates based on Vista success “overly optimistic” and finally admitted that Vista “kinda sucks.”

According to Ballmer, “Some of the revenue forecasts I have seen for Windows Vista in fiscal 2008 are overly aggressive." In addition Ballmer said that Vista was so unremarkable that he was considering buying an iMac for his own personal use.

Ballmer’s remarks caused a 2.3 percent drop in the company’s stock price. To put this in perspective, this means that due to Ballmer’s comments, Bill Gates lost enough money to buy Guam.

However, not everyone believes Ballmer’s dire news. Take Steve Ballmer from three weeks ago, who said, “We think in the next three months we'll probably sell five times as many copies of Windows Vista as we ever did [Windows 95] in the equivalent period of time. ... We'll probably go double what we did with Windows XP.” Take that Steve Ballmer.

However, Steve Ballmer claims that Microsoft Revenue will still be strong due to corporate licensees who will be forced to pay for Vista whether they want to or not.

Since most people are forced to "upgrade" to the latest microsoft operating system whether they like it or not, vista won't lose them much business. Im sure it will be working fine within a year or two of updates.
And just think how good the next operating system will look by comparison!
Shoot, almost everything I do with a computer I could still do with Win 95 for the most part.

I have no intention of going to Vista until it is at least a few years old. And not even then if I can help it.

My custom made computer runs just fine on Win Me even though a lot of people didn't like it.

You just have to get it tweaked up right.

I just wish I had a faster internet connection than a modem. Just two frigging blocks off the main highway, one half mile from the Qwest service yard, and I can't get DSL. Bah.
It's nothing more than a money-grubbing racket. Show me a Microsoft product that doesn't lock up my computer and pop up that DESPISED "Send, Don't Send Error Report" and I'll show you a product I might consider purchasing.
I've been having nothing but problems watching streaming video on my PC since upgrading to Microsoft Vista.

Ever since I upgraded I can no longer watch videos on nor (NSFW!). All I get is a blank screen where the video should be.

However I CAN still watch videos on Youtube. What is that all about? Is Youtube using some different method of delivering videos?

I know there must be others out there that are having the same problem as I. I would appreciate any suggestions.

I can live without dailymotion, but I can't live without my daily dose of porn!

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