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Jefferson to sit on security

Friday, February 16, 2007

(SNN Washington) Rep. William Jefferson (D-LA), who recently pled guilty to corruption in an ongoing investigation, has been appointed to the coveted Homeland Security Committee, the agency that oversees the Department of Homeland Security.

Jefferson had pled guilty to accepting bribes from a businessman who was rewarded contracts with African nations. Jefferson was caught with $90,000 in his freezer, earning him the nickname Dollar Bill Jefferson, which in Jefferson’s District of New Orleans is considered a mark of honor.

The Committee oversees the web of government agencies that are supposed to protect Americans from terrorists. This would indirectly put Jefferson on the oversight committee for the agency currently investigating him. Fortunately, the Department of Homeland Security is simply a bureaucratic money pit and has no real power.

This is considered the third worst mistake the Democrats have made since taking Congress. The worst was the appointment of Rep. Gray Fox to the United Nations International Commission on Hen Houses (UNICHH). The second, of course was when Rep. Dennis Kucinich was left in the Congress alone during a Holiday break and was force to fight off two robbers with his ingenious, yet annoying antics.

The appointment is expected to be announced today.

weill, it's still an investigation. Jefferson i'm sure has a perfectly good explaination for having 90,000 dollars in the freezer.

Q. Why did the congressman have 90,000 dollars in the freezer?
A. he wanted some cold hard cash. yuck yuck
This whole $90,000 in the freezer thing bugs me. Look, I've known really OLD people who lived through the Great Depression that would DIE before they put their money in the bank. They actually keep loads of cash on hand.
What bothers me about this is IF it had been illegal, wouldn't it be on the news 24/7 NON-STOP and wouldn't the investigations gone all out?
Oooh, I remember that movie. "House Alone". Dennis was just ADORABLE!

- Badtux the Movie Penguin
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