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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Bring it on!

(SNN Graham) If Democrat Representative Brad Miller wins his third term, GOP opponent Vernon Robinson promises "America would be nothing but one big fiesta for illegal aliens and homosexuals."

Robinson has very good reasons for believing this. He points out Miller is "out of the mainstream" because he is childless. In fact, Miller is so anti-family that he allowed his wife to have a hysterectomy just to save her life. Also, Robinson points out that Miller has friends. And friends, Robinson points out, might be gay.

There are many people that think that they can spot a homosexual, and Robinson is one of them. In 2004 he described his GOP opponent Ed Broyhill as "limp wristed". He has also called married war veteran Markos Zuniga Brad Miller's lover. Despite his constant search for homosexuals, it is not known if Robinson has ever scored.

While Miller has spent two terms in the House already and not turned America into a big fiesta for illegal aliens and homosexuals, Robinson believes he can make it this time.

But still the question remains, 'Why does Robinson keep supporting Miller?' Because deep down everyone, especially Robinson, wants a big fiesta full of illegal aliens and homosexuals.

There just be a lot of stupid people in this country not to realize that immigration is the gateway to rampant homosexuality and bestiality. Just look at Holland! They are all about immigration and now they have a pediphilia party! Pot and pediphilia, that's what we have to look forward to if we let another Mexican cross the border illegally or even give some of them amnesty status.

Damn, I don't need no queer son who my fruity cousin is gonna pop his man cherry before he gets his first pimple!

Immigration equals child sodomy!

btw. What's up this fucking Korean stuff I need to type in the box to post! Isn't this America! SHOULDN'T IT BE IN ENGLISH!? Fucking commie!
That is where you'd be wrong, MinutemannRoolz. Here at NewsBlog 5000, we are all as American as apple pie, except for my wife Milika, who worked with the KGB, and Alice Humbees, who dated Hugo Chavez, and James Skippenofsky, who is a pothead.
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