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Iraqi PM Enjoys Head

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

President Bush discusses an important matter of state with al-Maliki, who stares off into space and thinks 'What's up with this guy? I hear the words coming out of his mouth, but they make no sense. Seriously, He thinks things are going well, WTF?'

(SNN Baghdad) Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki launched a major security crackdown today aimed at stopping the violence that has been devastating Baghdad. Although, Rep. King of Iowa has pointed out that Washington, DC is still more dangerous.

Operation Forward Together began just one day after President Bush paid a surprise visit to Baghdad. It was kicked off with a Baghdad tradition, a car bomb that killed four civilians and wounded six.

Some people have criticized that Iraqi government. They say it is possible that putting more police on the streets with only increase the already high incidents of violence against police officers. However, Maj. Gen Mahdi al-Gharrawi, the commander of public order forces, says people are getting used to a police force in the city. "The people are feeling comfortable with the security measures and they are waving to us," he said. "Sometimes properly even, like not with their middle finger. But usually not."

It seems most likely that these forces have been put in place to protect Prime Minister al-Maliki. The Prime Minister is obviously, and correctly afraid that insurgents gripped with World Cup fever would storm the capitol, behead al-Maliki, and use his head as a ball.

Man, I just hate it when people drop by without calling first.
Have you seen this not-safe-for-work set of flash animations? #2 seems right on topic for this post.

Leave it To Bush
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