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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

(SNN The Ninth Circle of Hell) The man who released sex tapes of Paris Hilton and Colin Farrell has obtained a tape of Saved by the Bell star Dustin Diamond, who played the character “Screech”.

The tape starts with Diamond in the bathtub and is reported as being unbelievably graphic. Why? Seriously. Why?

Who is Jessica Alba? She must be hot if you want her. That means I would also want her.

People think one God knows everything. Stupid fucking monkeys, you can only put so much in one human brain.

Ann Margaret, I'd sex her in a heartbeat. Wait, I have sexed her, I am the all.

Love and Peace.
Wait, I've also sexed Jessica Alba, I am the all.

Have a great day friend, we love you even if the stupid fucking monkeys don't.
Graphic? goofy is prob. more like it. & annoying. I want to see it of course.
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