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Thursday, October 12, 2006

What a piece.

(SNN Ann Arbor) Mark Foley has reminded us that everyone loves a good political sex story. Enter Sandy Sullivan, the 65 year old Republican candidate for Wisconsin Secretary of State.

In Wisconsin, they love their football and in the 1960's Sullivan led in scoring with the Green Pay Packers. She started in the Packers organization as a humble ticket seller, but quickly became the Packer's official girlfriend. However, she did once turn down Hall of Famer Don Hutson, because he was no longer on the team.

Sullivan claims she did not have to hold back in her tell-all book, Green Bay Love Stories, because most Packers are illiterate.

Some suggest that Sullivan might not be qualified to be Secretary of State. The only brush Sullivan has had with politics is flirting with Richard Nixon, who smiled at her and spouted a line of drunken gibberish, thinking she was someone else. He later forced her to watch as he sodomized Checkers. But Wisconsin is a state full of football fans, and Sullivan has been full of football players.

You can obtain your own copy of Green Bay Love Stories at

That's pretty funny. ran with the pack, huh. I think I'll pass on the book.
Gosh, is that all I need to run for office? A sex scandal?
Well, LT

A sex scandal is a good start, but there are other ways into office.

Drug Use
Drug Dealing
Drug Running
Movie Stardom
Gun Running
Spousal Abuse
Hate Groups (excluding neo-Nazi)
Bible Thumping (not exclusively, but a good bonus)
Stock Scams
Mob Ties
Tea Smuggling (obsolete)
Slaving (mostly obsolete)
Military Service (mostly obsolete)

And of course there is the classic approach of having a rich family and a family member who has already held office. However, this means you have probably already nailed two items on the list above anyway.

In addition, you can also marry someone who is from a rich family or has a family member who has held office. In America, this is known as “Class Mobility”
hmmm, I do not want to reveal how much of that list I qualify for. too bad the rich part does not apply to me. :(
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