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Edwards Ready to Run

Monday, December 18, 2006

(SNN Washington) The 2004 Vice Presidential Nominee and TV Psychic John Edwards may again be running for the White House. In doing so, he will face stiff competition from the other announced candidates, Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack and Rep. Dennis Kucinich.

Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack claims he is the only Iowan who knows how to use a Blackberry.

The TV Psychic will do a special appearance in New Orleans, where a spirit will tell him that there is a P in his future. Possible a VP, but there’s definitely a P in there. The spirit will then ask it’s mother or cousin to not worry about it, because it is in a better place, than cannot really be defined, but rest assured, it’s very nice.

Now that Edwards has announced he will announce it is likely that the unannounced front runners, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, whose name coincidentally sounds like Iraq Osama, will not bother to announce until later. But this should stand as a warning to Sen. Clinton. Sometimes when you play hard to get for too long, someone younger and prettier steps in.

Some point out that at this point, worrying about who will run for President is purely speculative, as President Bush may just decide to appoint a successor.

I liked Edwards so much better than Kerry. Of course, I voted for both. The problem is, Edwards is such a DECENT man you just know he's gonna get swiftboated like hell. Probably because his wife has cancer.
They already rolled that one out in 2004. Edwards is the worst type of trial lawyer, one that wins money for his clients and drives innocent negligent companies out of business just for the sin of killing children.
No kidding. Like I said, he is a good and decent man, and unfortunately for ALL OF US, he is doomed. But I would vote for him in a HEARTBEAT!!!
It's a little too early to start making predictions, isn't it? Even if you are psychic...

Barack Obama, whose name coincidentally sounds like Iraq Osama, that was funny!

I will make one prediction, It's going to be a circus.
Actually, I can't take credit for that. It was CNN that pointed out the similarities between Iraq Hussein Osama and Barrack Hussein Obama.
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