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Editor’s Note: Al Gore is Fat

Saturday, May 26, 2007

These days there just doesn’t seem to be enough coverage on Al Gore’s weight. Last week, there were only 712 articles in the press about Gore’s weight.

It seems typical of the liberal press to start actually looking at Gore’s positions on Global Warming and his position as America’s leading statesman, instead of devoting all their time to making fun of his girth. This kind of liberal propaganda is typical of the mainstream media.

Sure Gore has the support of the scientific and international community for is work with global worming, but what about the effect on the environment caused by Gore. It is well documented that Gore travels the world on his quest to force factories to close, but he does not use a solar airplane, or one powered by a bicycle, which would be an excellent way for him to lose all that weight.

I also wonder about the more direct effects of Al Gore. As of the writing of this editorial, the effects of Gore’s methane emissions on the environment remain unmeasured. Until Gore replaces his digestive system with more environmentally friendly technologies, it will be impossible to take him seriously.

Dr. Ryan Maynard, Editor, Newsblog 5000

Does anyone know Al Gore's actual weight? Is it 250, 300, 350 or what?
It's now 2013. I would guess Algore is tipping the scales well north of 300 pounds.
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