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Secretary gets 8 Years in Prison

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

(SNN Atlanta) A federal judge ignored a plea for mercy today by a secretary who tried to steal trade secrets from the Coca Cola Corporation.

Joya Williams and her co-defendant, Ibrahim Dimson, each received eight years in prison, ordered to pay $40,000 of restitution and were ordered to three years of supervision after their prison sentence. This sentence suggests that the Georgia prison system has nothing better to do.

Trade secrets of the Coca Cola Corporation include things like: how long it takes for a full grown adult human to dissolve in three gallons of Coca Cola Classic, where is Dr. Pepper buried and what happened the night the light went out in Georgia.

What secrets? The ingredients are on the side of the can. Tax payer subsidized high fructose corn syrup, carmel color, water and caffeine. There, sue me.
I don't care what is in it, I'm a beer drinker.

I am the light, just open the fucking door. LOL
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