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Bush Unsure about which President he is Most Like

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

(SNN Washington) At the recent West Point graduation ceremonies, President Bush compared himself to Harry Truman. This would seem rather straightforward, but Bush has also compared himself to Franklin Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan, and John Kennedy.

Not everyone enjoys Bush comparing himself to other presidents. During the 2004 election, an interview quoted one person saying, "President Kennedy inspired and united the country and so will John Kerry. President Bush is doing just the opposite. All of us who revere the strength and resolve of President Kennedy will be supporting John Kerry on Election Day." But let's look at it from this perspective, who knows what goes though a president's head better, someone who is a president also, or that president's daughter?

Comparing himself to these presidents might seem surprising to some people, as the Presidents Bush has compared himself to are very different men, who meant different things to different people. Some might even go as far as to say that Bush is simply comparing himself to random presidents in an effort to seem more presidential. However, to some Bush does combine FDR's unpopularity with his party leadership with Truman's unpopularity amongst the American people and Reagan's ideas about giving gold toilets to defense contractors. No one really knows where he gets off comparing himself to Kennedy, barring the unlikely discovery at some later date that he is banging rooms full of models.

Strangely enough, most Americans compare Bush to LBJ, a crazy, swaggering, drunken Texan with a questionable background who started an unwinnable war halfway around the world. Bush has also been compared to Lincoln, Osama bin Laden, Hilter, a drunken fratboy, Toonces (the driving cat), Penis Knievel and that monkey Reagan worked with (pictured above). However, it seems unlikely that he will mention these in any of his speeches.

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