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Studies show People Lie about Sex

Thursday, June 01, 2006

(SNN New York) It has long been known that people lie about sex. Now researchers have found that people who obsess about their virginity also lie about sex.

A recent survey on sexuality has shown that people who take surveys on sexuality lie about their sexuality. In surveys of High School students, virginity can be lost and found in a matter of minutes. In extreme cases, people regain their virginity during treatment for STDs.

Forty percent of teenage males tend to lose their virginity during conversations in locker rooms. Additionally, 28 percent of people who took virginity pledges forgot they had ever had sex. Occasionally, virginity can be lost or gained during Lifetime movies. One percent of respondents who claimed to be virgins answered the survey questions while having sex. Three percent of the virgins had children of their own.

The most famous sexual liar is, of course, President Bill Clinton. But he was our sexual president and deserves our sexual respect.

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