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Editor’s Note: Let the Healing Begin

Friday, December 29, 2006

As of my writing of this article, Saddam Hussein is dead. Now that the back of al Qaeda has been broken, Iraq can finally come together as one country.

Now I’ve heard naysayers say that things are not going well in Iraq. In fact, I’m listening to Iraq Study Group member and former Secretary of State Lawrence Eagleburger on Fox News. He is telling us that the military is tired and things are not going well. Well, Mr. Eagleburger may be a career diplomat who worked with everyone from Henry Kissinger to George H.W. Bush, but I also have it under good authority that he enjoys a drink from time to time.

I also hear a lot of people saying that the President is about to send a “surge” of additional troops to Iraq. Now, to those people contemplating a surge, I would ask, “What part of stay-the-course don’t you understand?” It’s a straight forward simple talking point and it is only three worlds long. Most members of the administration can say it with no problem at all. Even the President gets it right most of the time. I predict that in the future, English will morph to include a new work like stathecorse to embody this simple principle.

In the French Revolution, one of the birthplaces of modern democracy, spectators to executions were allowed to take home body parts as souvenirs. I do not know what the plan is for Saddam’s body. Saddam’s lawyers are thinking that he will be buried in an unmarked grave. I’m hoping that they part it out and put it up on eBay. Say what you want about Saddam, but that guy had a big pair. I’m planning to bid on his scrotal sack. If I win, I’m going to have it stuffed and mounted in my game room.

I thought staythecourse was already in Webster's.
And too, too funny on that e-bay thing. You are so bad. I LOVE it!
I'd like to see someone get some satisfaction out of the whole sorry mess. My husband has a big horn sheep scrotum as a pencil cup. :)
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