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Ghazaliyah Quiet

Friday, February 23, 2007

(SNN Tikrit) Northeast of Baghdad’s airport, Iraq’s sectarian violence has been at its worst. The area is policed by the Army’s first combat outpost, and the calvary company stationed there is used to gunfights and rocket propelled grenades. Now they are experiencing something even more frightening, silence.

“It’s kind of scary. It’s kind of scary,” says Sgt. Sergej Michaud, 24. The routine of his platoon was changed a few days ago when the combatants from the are simply disappeared. "At least twice, three times a day, every day," said Sgt. Jason McQueen, there were "straight-up gunfights all around you." But now, said 1st Lt. Jake Furda, 26, "the biggest question of everyone's mind is, 'where the hell are they?'"

Part of the explanation, said Capt. Erik Peterson, may be the Mahdi Army's paternity claim on Anna Nicole Smith’s baby. However, the Capt. Peterson admits that it could be worry over the mental health or Britney Spears. In either case he and his company are hoping to exploit the situation. "This is a great opportunity to drive a wedge between the militia and the general population."

On the streets of Ghazaliyah, Sgt. Michaud said, the Mahdi Army continued to "slowly, but surely," force Sunnis from their homes through other forms of intimidation. It is thought that they are doing this so that they can watch the Anna Nicole court cases on television.

So each and every member of the Mahdi Army has made a paternity claim to Anna Nicole Smith's baby? Whoa! I knew the Mahdi Army prided themselves on being hot studs, but I hadn't realized that Anna Nicole Smith was *that* much a slut!

- Badtux the Snarky Penguin
I don't read that kind of bullshit news. I barely know who Anna is and could care less.


He, he, he.
Capt Erik Peterson is actually my brother, and what cracked me up about this post was, that sounds like something he would actually say.
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