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Follow up: The Goode Fight

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

(SNN USA) Today Representative Virgil Goode posted a clarification of his views on the swearing-in of Rep. elect Keith Ellison’s decision to be sworn in on the Koran.

Rep. Virgil Goode

Goode stated that his letter did not call for a religious test for prospective Congressmen. He merely wanted to point out that he wanted to see Muslims kept out of the country so that something like Congressman elect Ellison’s swearing in would never, ever happen again, even if that means burning them at the stake. He goes on to say that there are a whole lot of Muslims visiting the United States at any given time.

Just so people knew Congressman Goode was serious about his statements, he made some confusing comparison to 9/11. “Let us remember that we were not attacked by a nation on 9/11; we were attacked by extremists who acted in the name of the Islamic religion.” This may actually come as a surprise to many USA Today readers.

Rep. Virgil Goode is a Republican from Virginia's 5th congressional district.

Rep. Goode sent his op-ed to the USA Today, hoping that the bright colors and charts would guarantee that no-one who read it would be thinking.

The original nb5000 article made me think on this a little. If there exists a separation between church and state, why are we swearing on any "holy" book. How about each politician sign a disclaimer that they realize they are in a country ruled by law and not by God. If they break a law, they may be punished on some off chance they aren't not crafty enough to get out of it.

I am truly offended that Virgil Goode is implying that this country is ruled by an invisible being. I'd rather he say something reasonable like swear on the great 1962 album by James Brown, Live At The Apollo. No man will cross the funk. Or they'll wake up to the bright sunshine smile of the Bootzilla shakin' their soul with the goodness known as the Funk. Bootzilla

fight evil with The FUNK!
UTTER IDIOT!!!! And that pix you used was absolute PERFECTION!
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