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Giuliani’s Presidential Bid Undermined

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

(SNN Washington) Even before he formally entered the presidential race, the former New York mayor Rudolph Giuliani has suffered the leak of an extremely detailed campaign document. The document not only points out Giuliani’s strategy, but also his weaknesses.

Rudolf Giuliani desecrates the flag

The 140 page strategy document detail amongst other things Giuliani’s plans for raising the bulk of his campaign money, including hitting up high power GOP financiers and doing favors for sailors down by the docks.

The document also listed the best ways to attack Giuliani. It lists liabilities such as his divorce due to an affair, his ties to his former aid and candidate for homeland security chief Bernard Kerik, his support for gun control, and his frequent visits to the docks to do favors for sailors.

Still mysterious is how opponents of Giuliani got possession of the sensitive document. One theory is that someone on now Governor Crist of Florida’s campaign staff stole the luggage of a Giuliani flunky and photocopied the document. One thing is for certain, one of the bags from the Giuliani entourage did go missing. However, the Crist staffer merely may have been trying to steal one of Giuliani’s suitcases full of unmarked, non-sequential small bills, that he carries everywhere he goes.

Giuliani has often been called America’s Mayor, both for his centrist views and his unbelievable depth of corruption.

While Giuliani has not officially announces his plans, a presidential bid has been heavily rumored. Giuliani has also spoken of taking over Regis Philbin's duties on Live with Regis and Kelly if nothing else turns up.

Just another asshole. Republican asshole, of course.
The big nuts rise to the top and then the rest of us have to decide who we are going to vote for.
I predict a dirty race to the White House by all partys involved.
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