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New York City bans popular slur

Thursday, March 01, 2007

(SNN Raleigh) New York City banned the use of the word “nigger” yesterday. It is the latest step in a campaign to take away the recent popularity of the racially charged word.

Once the domain of rap stars, the term is becoming more popular among young people. Surprisingly, regular use of one of the most reviled words in the language has upset some people.

Councilman Leroy Comrie, a sponsor of the moratorium, said the campaign against the word has gained strength since comedian Michael Richards spewed it in a racially charged tirade in Los Angeles. "The Michael Richards incident really brought it to another level. This dumb cracker has forced people to express their outrage. Many people had been seething quietly," Comrie said.

Some say that the ban was part of a bigger movement aimed at cleaning up New York so that the events of 1989 will never happen again. In 1989, the entire city of New York was undermined by a river of negatively charged slime. While the slime was ultimately defeated, it did lead to the rise of the evil Vigo Von Homburg Deutschendorf, and millions of dollars had to be spent returning the Statue of Liberty to Ellis Island. It is feared that at any time, the river of slime could flow again.

Vigo Von Homburg Deutschendorf was also known as “Vigo the Cruel, Vigo the Torturer, Vigo the Despised, and Vigo the Unholy”. He currently is working for Rudy Giuliani’s 2008 campaign.

You simply slay me.
Now they are banning words?

"Oh My Fucking God!!"

Whoops, can I still say that?
Actually LT, the banning of words dates back to 1884, when Kaiser Wilhelm I banned the popular word Kiltzhelm, which related with a piece of a woman’s anatomy and was easy to rhyme with Wilhelm, especially in songs. Kiltzhelm eventually fell into misuse, and was replaced by its modern equivalent Haubeaufkitzler.

Ban something and you just make it more popular

I'll bet the town is full of guns also
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